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Launch and run a global, multi-currency venture firm. Fund structuring, SPVs, banking and reporting all in one place.

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Run your VC Fund in one place.

Odin’s full stack structuring, investor onboarding, administration and reporting software provides everything you need to start and run your venture capital fund online


UK and European fund structures


Integrated banking & fund accounting


Transact in EUR, GBP and USD

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How it works

Collect investments
Capital on tap
Deploy and manage

We’ll work with your lawyers or create your fund structure. Once you’re up and running share your fund with investors with a simple link.

Your investors can sign up, complete KYC and AML checks and subscribe to your Pledge Fund quickly and easily.

Whenever you’ve found your next investment simply enter a few details about the company into Odin and we’ll send out a capital call to your investors

Documentation, entity administration, distributions, investor updates, fund accounting, portfolio monitoring - do it all on Odin.

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As seen in

Start small with Pledge Funds

Invest in multiple deals without the overhead of setting up a full, regulated fund structure. As your investor base grows and your LP relationships improve, your Pledge Fund can grow with you.


Cost-effective micro-fund structure


EIS and SEIS compliant


Reduced regulatory & administrative burden

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Fixed or rolling terms

Option to have a simple fixed-term structure, or an ongoing quarterly commitment per investor


A small annual subscription for the deployment period, plus a % fee per deal

Grows with you

Start deploying committed capital from as little as $200k / year, up to tens of millions

Powering a new generation of GPs and LPs

June Angelides
June Angelides
Partner, Levare Ventures

Odin’s customer support is always above and beyond on every single deal. I can confidently say that Levare Ventures would not exist without them!

Iman Olya
Iman Olya
Founder, RationalVC

Where have you been all my life?! So easy & intuitive to use. Seriously impressed with how simple you've made the process.

Peet Denny
Peet Denny
Partner, Climate VC

Did my first syndicate investment through Odin last week, and managed to do the whole thing with KYC verification, payment, and everything while I was waiting in line for a burrito.

Build the future. Anywhere.

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