Turn your community into your cap table

Collect funds quickly and roll all your smaller investors into a single special purpose vehicle (SPV), with voting controlled by one person. Raise fast and keep a clean cap table.

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Deal Creation

Create a private deal room you can share with your investors

Collect funds

Deal documents are signed electronically, funds are pooled in our account.


We wire all the funds to your company as soon as you're ready.

The easiest way to raise

  • Run your funding round efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Roll all your small cheque angels into a single legal entity.
  • UK investors can still benefit from S/EIS tax relief.
  • Voting can be proxied to a single individual, saving you time and administrative headache in future.
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Simple, straightforward pricing

We charge no carried interest on founder rounds.

Deal fee. No VAT.

Founder Love

We raised almost £300,000 from investors via Odin, including scouts from Founders fund. Odin is the investment platform the European exosystem desperately needs.
person smiling

Harvey Hodd


Odin is one of the key reasons I'm able to welcome so many incredible angels to my cap table. Bless up.
person smiling

Nina Mohanty

Bloom Money

Working with Odin was a joy. One line on the cap table; many great value-add investors.
person smiling

Michael Dunnett-Stone


I wrapped all smaller cheques into a founder syndicate thanks to Odin. Super easy, and a clean way to do it! Took loads of £1k cheques this way - love having lots of invested support around me.
person smiling

Gabriel M Isserlis

Tutti Space

Odin's community is the closest thing Europe has to YC's Bookface / Hacker News. Our lead investor found us through an intro from the community.

Mahyad Ghassemi


I may be biased, but this product is mind-blowingly good. I would never raise a round any other way.

Mary Lin

Co-founder, Odin

Founder FAQs

My investors are UK tax-residents - can they claim S/EIS?
Does this structure work for convertibles?
What legal structure do you use?
Is this legal structure tax-transparent? Can people from any country invest?
My company is not based in the United Kingdom - does this matter?
What about voting / investor consent?
What about pre-emption?
Who is the signatory on my company's legal documents?
How does reporting work?
Can an investor in the SPV sell their shares via a secondary transaction?
How does this work from a regulatory perspective? Do investors need to be accredited / sophisticated?