Professionalise your angel syndicate

Frictionless deal sharing, SPVs, investor comms and portfolio management, all in one place.

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Earn carried interest and fees

Pool your investors into a single fund-like entity - a special purpose vehicle (SPV). Odin takes care of all the admin. Handle reporting in-platform post-close.


Vary and share carry on an investor-by-investor basis


Get deals live, and closed quickly


Transact in EUR, GBP and USD

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Earn carry

Receive carried interest for providing access. Share carry however you like.

Pool resources

Work with your network to compete for deal access. Improve your negotiating power by pooling your investments in an SPV.

Retain ownership

Leverage your pre-emption rights with a syndicate, and maintain your % equity stake all the way to exit.

How it works


Receive carried interest for providing access. Customise carry and fees on a per investor basis.

Seamless KYC and AML checks to ensure you can close and deploy quickly and easily.

Deploy as soon as you’re ready, and then handle the rest on Odin. Documentation, distributions and investor comms - all in one place.

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Scale flexibly with Pledge Funds

Invest in multiple deals without the overhead of setting up a full, regulated fund structure. As your investor base grows and your LP relationships improve, your Pledge Fund can grow with you.


Cost-effective micro-fund structure


EIS and SEIS compliant


Reduced regulatory & administrative burden

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Fixed or rolling terms

Option to have a simple fixed-term structure, or an ongoing quarterly commitment per investor


A small annual subscription for the deployment period, plus a % fee per deal

Grows with you

Start deploying committed capital from as little as $200k / year, up to tens of millions

Build the future. Anywhere.

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