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Legal, regulatory and banking. We've got you covered.

Focus on doing deals - we'll take care of the rest.

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Get deals live in under an hour, and closed in 1 day.
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Customisable carry

Vary and share carry on an investor by investor basis.
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Run your deals compliantly under our regulatory umbrella.
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Fully tax transparent

Investors only pay taxes where they are domiciled.
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Transact in EUR, GBP and USD with investors and companies anywhere.
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SPV's from £1,000 per deal plus 1.9%,. capped at £2,000.

How it works

Submit a deal

In ~48 hours you get custom syndicate agreements, entity formation, banking and your deal page goes live

Collect funds

Pool capital using our platform, we'll handle SPV creation, investor onboarding, KYC/AML, investor sophistication and accreditation.

Deploy and manage your portfolio

Digital documentation; SPV / syndicate administration; S/EIS, FATCA & taxes; distributions


Founder SPV
£1,000 ($1,400) + 1.9% of raised funds / deal. Capped at £2,000 ($2.5k)
Roll up your investors into a single entity to keep your cap table simple.
Accept Investors from anywhere in the world
Lifetime administration, accounting and distributions
2% fee for secondary trading
Set up a Founder SPV
Standard SPV
£1,100 ($1,500) + 1.8% of raised funds / deal. Capped at £4.5k ($5.1k).
Affordable SPV creation.
Our entity on the company’s cap table
Accept Investors from anywhere in the world
Lifetime administration, accounting and distributions
Customise deal fees and carry on a per-investor level
2% fee for secondary trading
Set up a Standard SPV
Branded SPV
£2,000 ($3,000)+ 1.6% of raised funds / deal. Capped at £7k ($8k).
Your own branded vehicle, run on Odin's platform.
Includes everything in Standard
Choose your own entity name
Selective access to Odin's investor network
Priority Support
Set up a Branded SPV

Powering dealmakers like you

I just used Odin for the first time! Such a cool platform that allows angel investors to join the round with small cheques.

Bérénice Magistretti

Investor, Alma Angels

Big shout out to the Odin team for the attention and care they have provided during the onboarding process for a deal we are working on. Many talk about customer service but I have to say I'm truly impressed.

June Angelides MBE

VC, Samos

Managed to do the whole thing with KYC verification, payment, and everything while I was waiting in line for a burrito.

Pete Denny

GP, Potential Climate Ventures

There were 9 angels involved in our groups investment into Ground Floor Club - that's how you make the next generation of angel investors - democratise a previously closed off space. Thanks Odin for making it happen.

Fifi Kara

Co-founder, Good People Fund

Where have you been all my life?! So easy & intuitive to use. Seriously impressed with how simple you've made the process.

Iman Olya

Founder, Rational VC

So quick and easy to use! 

Alex Gordon-Furse

Co-founder, SG Dao

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Who pays Odin's fees? How are they payable?
Can I share carried interest with other people?
What legal structure do you use?
Who controls investor consent and pre-emption?