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Start and run your VC firm online. Everything from structuring, capital calls, fund admin, SPV’s and more at your fingertips.

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Roll all your smaller investors into a single line on your cap table and proxy voting to a single individual to simplify voting.

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Alex Farcet
Alex Farcet
Founder, Raspberry Syndicate

Odin has been an integral part of enabling the Raspberry syndicate from our very first investment.

June Angelides
June Angelides
Partner, Levare Ventures

Odin has been game changing for me. I love how easy it is to set up and manage deals.

Nina Mohanty
Nina Mohanty
Founder, Bloom Money

Odin makes fundraising so fast and seamless for both the founder and their investors, absolute game changer!

Talfan Evans
Talfan Evans
Angel Investor

This community is incredible. I’ve met some amazing friends, learned about new tech, developed professionally and made my first angel investments all thanks to Odin.

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