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Venture Leads
With Odin, I get the best of both worlds: I have the choice to invest deal by deal in syndicates, but I also get curated access to quality funds I know I’d never otherwise see.

June Angelides - angel investor & vC


How it works

Submit a deal

In ~48 hours you get custom syndicate agreements, entity formation, banking and your deal page goes live

Collect funds

Pool capital using our platform, we'll handle SPV creation, investor onboarding, KYC/AML, investor sophistication and accreditation.

Deploy and manage your portfolio

Digital documentation; SPV / syndicate administration; S/EIS, FATCA & taxes; distributions

Legal, regulatory and banking. We've got you covered.

Focus on doing deals - we'll take care of the rest.

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Get deals live and closed in 3 days
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Customisable carry

Vary and share carry on an investor by investor basis.
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Run your deals compliantly under our regulatory umbrella.
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Fully tax transparent

Investors only pay taxes where they are domiciled.
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Transact in EUR, GBP, USD, USDC with investors and companies anywhere.
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SPV's from 2.95% (£7.5k cap), and £2,500 for founder community rounds.
Venture Leads
Odin has been an integral part of enabling the Rainmaking Impact syndicate from our very first investment. We can set up an SPV in 24 hours! We believe this is the future of venture capital and we're excited to be building it with Odin.

Alex farcet- syndicate lead

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Odin is one of the key reasons we were able to include so many incredible angels in our round. It makes fundraising so fast and seamless for both the founder and their investors, absolute game changer

Nina Mohanty - co-founder, Bloom Money

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This community is incredible. I’ve met some amazing friends, learned about new technologies, developed professionally and made my first angel investments all thanks to Odin.

Talfan Evans - Investor

Invest in the future
Venture Leads
Odin has been game changing for me. I love how easy it is to set up and manage deals for my syndicate. I'm constantly recommending Odin to people and believe they will empower a whole new generation of investors.

June Angelides - angel investor & vC

Fund the future
Venture Leads
Managed to do the whole thing with KYC verification, payment, and everything while I was waiting in line for a burrito.


Venture leads
There were 9 angels involved in our groups investment into Ground Floor Club - that's how you make the next generation of angel investors - democratise a previously closed off space. Thanks Odin for making it happen.

Fifi Kara - Syndicate lead

Simple, transparent pricing


UK Bare Trust


UK Bare Trust


UK Bare Trust

Fees per deal

£10,000 fee cap

£8,500 fee cap

£7,000 fee cap

Yearly fee

No yearly fee

£2,500 / yr

£7,500 / yr

Name of SPV Entity

Odin Investments Ltd

Your SPV Ltd

Your SPV Ltd



Variable carry per investor

Variable carry per investor

KYC / AML, Banking, Payments

Lifetime administration

Global Investors
& Investments

Secondary Trading

Customer Support
9AM - 6PM weekdays

US Investors

Additional £200
per US investor



USDC Payments

Additional £2000
per deal

Additional £1000
per deal

Notarization (EU)

Additional  €1000
per deal

1 included per year
Then €500 per deal

Dedicated Account Manager


Charge deal fees to investors


Vary minimum and maximum investment per investor


Hurdle rates on carry


Build the future. Anywhere.

Raise and invest seamlessly with Odin


Who pays Odin's fees? How are they payable?
Can I share carried interest with other people?
What legal structure do you use?
Who controls investor consent and pre-emption?