Odin Silicon Valley Bank Crisis Resources

At Odin, we know the collapse of SVB is a huge moment for the ecosystem.
[Note: We do not bank with SVB and are not affected.]

For those who have been impacted, we've put together some free resources, which you can use without needing to sign up to Odin.

Here is a simple simple 3-step solution to set up a new bank account in minutes and borrow money from your own investors:
a) Create an account with Wise - global, multi-currency, fast
b) Create an Odin UBLA - Unsecured Bilateral Loan Agreement
c) Investors can sign and transfer funds today

If you want to raise equity funding from your network in a few clicks, you can do it on Odin by using our founder SPV and a SAFE or Advanced Subscription Agreement. This solution works for founders GLOBALLY.

Raise from your network

Below is a list of additional resources to help impacted startups and investors facing liquidity issues to find a way forwards.
Please add anything else you think is useful here.