Product Updates

Nov 7, 2022

screenshot demo founder deal in platform
Create your Founder SPV

Founders can now create their SPVs directly on platform. There are three main sections to be completed for the deal submission: company info, deal terms and memo & materials. You can even save them as drafts and complete them at a later date.

We're one step closer to launching publically, syndicate leads - you're next!

Other Improvements
  • Adds the ability to nudge investors from the platform with a custom message.

Oct 21, 2022

custom invite links screenshot on odin platform
Custom Invite Links

Odin just got better. We’re releasing custom invite links in order to give Syndicate Leads full control over their deal from the moment it goes live. You can even customise carry and fees quickly and easily before sharing a link!

With this update you now have full control of a deal from the moment it is approved. We know many of you want to set specific carry and fee terms for each investor. You can now create as many as needed and forward the custom link to the investor. If you send them the wrong one simply send them the new one and it will overwrite the previous terms.

Empowering Syndicates

We aim to empower you to be in control of your syndicate at all times. We’re hard at work building additional features to nudge, track and attract new investors to your deals. With these changes we're handing off all the invites to you.

Other Improvements
  • Improved breakdown of capital sent by investors.